Powerful Energies of Truth

Some intense energies on the planet are pushing us to come into the Truth of Who We Really Are and What We're Here To Do. As the Truth begins to reveal on the planet so too must we look within to find our own Truth so that we can come into full Alignment.

What Are You Focusing On?

Are you being distracted by all the dark and scary stories that are circulating right now? Could that make a difference to your vibration and what you get to experience going forwards?

Are you in limbo? Energy Reading for 1st Nov 2021

Are you feeling as if you're in limbo between two spaces? Not in the old world, but not yet in the new? Let me help you make some sense of some of the energies that you might have been feeling of late.

Timelines and Choices

In this reading I'm talking about - this current timeline and the choices that we are making now. - vibrational alignment. - that you are the Source of your Abundance. - and how you have everything you need already inside of you. DM me if you're feeling stuck, lost or if you need a helping hand to clear limiting beliefs or raise your vibration so that you can tune in to who you truly are.

Change Can Create Sadness

When we change our life there is sometimes sadness experienced as we let go of the old. It's a necessary part of the process... don't let it hold you back.

The Time To Align Is Now

My thoughts, feelings and sensing of these current energies and this timeline that is collapsing now. What are you aligned to? Light or Darkness?