The Ultimate (Empowerment and Transformation) Package

This package offers unlimited Multidimensional Hypnotherapy sessions to deal with all the different issues that are uncovered through your process of Empowerment and Transformation PLUS regular coaching sessions and email support to assist you in the understanding and integration of the changes that will begin to occur as you move through this process PLUS energetic healing sessions if required to heal and clear the emotional body of energetic residue and karmic imprints of past painful experiences or trauma.

In this package, I basically hold your hand over the course of a 6 month period and support you through an individually tailored life changing experience that helps you:

– to identify the things that don’t work in your life and helps you to develop the confidence, self esteem and courage to change them – because you know you deserve more and a better, more fulfilling life;

– to identify your current limitations and find their root cause so that you can clear them and move beyond them to create the life you really want;

– remove the layers of emotional pain or suppression that have obscured your amazing potential to have a happy, healthy and abundant life. (This might include attracting a loving relationship or finding your perfect partner who sees you as an equal);

– to have the confidence to step into a new career or business; or

– to finally get on top of your weight issues and change your eating and lifestyle habits once and for all.

I don’t force any of these changes upon you but I am there to consistently support you to follow through with the changes that YOU want to make in your life. (It’s so easy to lose motivation and drive when life gets busy and overwhelming!).

This package is especially recommended if you are seeking support to make some changes to completely re-vamp your life or if you feel you have completely lost confidence in yourself and your manifestation abilities (perhaps you even feel like you have lost your Self and feel disconnected from life or that you have nobody else to support you unconditionally).

This package is also perfect when you are going through big life changes eg, divorce/separation, empty nest, loss of a loved one, PTSD, lack of purpose, spiritual awakening or crisis, emotional breakdown, learning to follow your heart and when you are surrounded by people who don’t seem to understand you and you feel alone in your attempts to create a better life for yourself. 

Phew!! This package covers a lot and you can probably see why I love working with women in this way – because it really does offer so much… and it is absolutely transformational.

It’s rare that we have someone in our life who genuinely has our best interests at heart, will listen to us, understands us and supports us with no judgement of our past, present or future or that has no personal agenda that could compromise our decisions.

I’d love, love, LOVE to work with you in this way too!

At the moment, this package is a really great price for my personal support and will definitely cost more in the future.

Package price – (AUD) $5,000
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