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The Limitations of the Starseed Story

The Limitations of the Starseed Story

We commonly hear that starseeds feel different, they feel that they don’t belong here, and they struggle to fit in. They believe this is the case, purely because they are a starseed.

But this is not just a starseed trait. It’s common to many people. And I hear it almost every day from clients, many of whom would never identify themselves as starseeds and some who have never even heard of the word.

I’ve come to realise that in many cases this claim of being a starseed is actually just a state of mind or chosen belief. It’s something that feels real but might actually only be imagined.

Starseeds say they feel different, but in truth every single one of us is different because we are all unique and we each have our own gifts and talents that we can share with the world if we choose to.

As spiritual people, we like to believe that we are unlimited and everything is available to us, yet I see so many starseeds who are unhappy and completely stuck and unfulfilled in life. Some feel that life is very heavy here and it’s a chore to be here so they long to leave this planet. They fail to realise that they have created their reality through their own choices.

They seem to be consumed by the layers and layers of healing work that they have to do – from other timelines and lifetimes on this and other planets, where they were blown up, hijacked or suppressed. But that’s a state of mind that places them into a state of victim consciousness. It’s a limitation that they have placed upon themselves through their beliefs of what it is to be a starseed.

What worries me, is the absolute ferocity with which they cling to their starseed story. They are completely unaware that when they do this, they put themselves into a state of limitation. It’s quite paralysing for them at times, yet they are unwilling to let go of the story as it is who they think they are. It is who they have become.

Now I’ve seen some things…

I understand the “starseed story” because I lived it myself at one point but then thankfully, I woke up into another level of awareness and from the vantage point that I have now, I can clearly see that this whole thing is a limitation of the mind.

It’s another level of a matrix – the starseed matrix – and as I have written before, it’s a trap.

From a quantum perspective, the emotional baggage that many starseeds carry, bears no weight. It’s meaningless limitation.

As a human – and yes starseeds are still humans – when we hold on to the stories of our past we are locked down in matter. In order to heal ourselves emotional, physically, mentally or spiritually we have to be willing to let go of what keeps us chained to the past and to those old emotions of pain and fear and anger, judgement, guilt, resentment and bitterness. Those heavy emotions of the past really should make up only a small portion of our experience here because we are only 0.00001% matter yet 99.99999% energy… but when we make it mean everything to us then we are stuck in it because we make matter more important than energy which is our creation or consciousness.

We know this, you and I, because we’ve been around spiritual circles long enough to understand that we have to let go of these feelings in order to heal ourselves and to ascend into a higher vibrational state of consciousness. We know that we should focus on the part of us that is energy, and we should “let it go”…

But here’s the twist…

Starseeds hold on to more than just what they’ve experienced in this lifetime or even past lives on this planet.

They hold on to dimensional experiences in past, future and parallel lifetimes too.

That then, compels them to travel the Universe searching for their lost pieces from blown up planets and galactic wars.

They step into alternate realities and go through dimensional doorways and they frequently enter into spaces where they really have no business going. Their presence is seen and felt there, and it often attracts attention to them. Some beings don’t like them there apparently… or so it seems to their understanding of it anyway.

So, I question… is it absolutely necessary to relentlessly drag themselves into alternate realities like this?

Does it really serve a purpose and are these adventures even real…? because I rarely see a starseed who is thriving, unless they have orchestrated around themselves a group of people who hang on their every word and willingly support them through energetic donations.

The truth is that you can only create new possibilities in your life by being in the present moment – by being in the now.

When we revisit our past traumatic and heavily emotional situations, we are constantly being pulled back into the past and we are limited by them.

When we are heavily invested in our stories, our energy is locked down by them.

The mind can’t tell the difference between a real or imagined event and anyone who has done this inter-dimensional travel, been abducted or battled dark forces in their dream state knows how the body responds to such an event. It can be very disturbing and frightening and it certainly plays on one’s mind. It’s stressful!

There is a part of the mind that tries to make sense of it all and repeats the scene over and over again searching for clues of understanding. Then we get stuck in a time loop and we can’t let it go. It’s other-worldly, perhaps not even real, but it feels so real to the mind – just like a scary movie at the cinema that frightens the beejezus out of us – and it actually puts our body into a state of trauma.

I’ve written about this previously in my article Starseeds in Trauma and I’ve also had personal experience of this trauma. In my work as a hypnotherapist (with psychic abilities) I’ve also confirmed over and over again through my clients, that this is accurate. The body and mind respond in exactly the same way to a scary starseed adventure as it does to a real traumatic event in this lifetime in the physical.

Both experiences appear absolutely real to the mind even though one happened physically, and the other appears to have happened in a different dimension of the starseed’s mind. And perhaps only in the mind – just like a movie.

Is it necessary to re-visit those places and re-traumatise ourselves repeatedly in order to heal?

This is certainly not what is recommended to a client who has been in a serious car accident, or been chased, beaten and left for dead.

Yet many starseeds seem to enjoy gathering the details of their multidimensional trauma. They search to find implants, interference patterns in their energy fields and various off planet beings waiting in the shadows to siphon their energy.

They look amongst family members to find evidence of dark forces or reptilian overlays. It can become almost addictive to some, although it’s really quite a morbid addiction.

They purport to be fearless but actually it’s because they’ve moved through the fight and flight stage and are now living in a state of constant freeze. This is why they can do what they constantly do – travel and search for things. Their feeling centres are frozen. It’s not a healthy state to be in yet they find the whole thing fascinating.

Yes, they can still feel some things and they can feel quite fragile at times – but they’re actually in trauma and partly shut down.

Ironically many of them have amazingly good diets, take all the best supplements and steer away from alcohol and drugs, yet they’re burnt out and can hardly function in life. Many struggle to hold down a day job because they’re so sensitive but this too can be caused by a state of trauma.

They struggle to be on this planet for this reason and I dare say too, that it’s because they’ve read things… Things that have played on their mind and have locked in, or implanted there, like seeds landing in fertile soil that begin to grow into a forest.

There is an element of disassociation to this too. You can’t reason with them and there is certainly no helping them, as they are so heavily invested in their identity as a starseed and this is a big part of the problem because from this point there can be no personal growth. I’m sure you know people like this. Perhaps you are one. I know this personally from the inside out because I’ve been there and I can’t tell you how happy I am to not be there anymore!

Life here on this planet is beautiful but if you search enough and want to find a dark side, you will find one.

Energy flows where attention goes, and I choose to place my attention on the good things in life. On the beauty that surrounds us. On the abundance that is available to us if we know how to align with it.

This is not about being in denial. It is about choosing to create the reality that I want to experience – one of beauty and abundance.

Since I detached from my starseed story, got my mind in the right place and embraced the divine power that is within me, my health has improved beyond measure, I have so much more joy and pleasure in my life and I really understand now this ability that we all have to create the life we really want. It took me a while to unpick all the limiting beliefs that I had about myself and my ability to be abundant on this planet – I’d picked up some horrendous limitations from new age and ascension groups – but I know now that through personal development and alignment we can become unlimited and it feels good to finally be there.

I hope that this article might give you another viewpoint. From someone who’s walked that path and has found a way out the other end and into the abundant life that is our birthright.

We were born to be unlimited. We just have to choose to become unlimited.

With love

Karen Turpin is an Abundance Coach for Women and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. She helps women to clear the energy blocks and limiting beliefs that hold them back from creating the life of happiness and abundance that they really want. She helps women to transform and confidently become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be, and she helps women to love life!

Karen is the creator of Abundance Bootcamp – an online transformational abundance mindset course which includes live coaching and mentoring plus a supportive community of women who rise by lifting each other up. Karen is also available for private session work. Please visit her website for more information.

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