Multidimensional Hypnotherapy


It only took me two weeks in my new career as a hypnotherapist, to realise that I couldn’t leave behind 20 years of experience as an energy healer, psychic and medium, quite so easily.

I thought that being a hypnotherapist would be an easier job than being a healer because there can be a very high energetic demand upon my own body and energy field when working with clients, although some more than others of course.

I thought that as a hypnotherapist I could just help people with their everyday stresses and strains. I saw myself helping people with their fear of dogs, nail biting, giving up cigarettes, weight-loss, having calm births through using hypnosis just as I had done many years ago, but oh no… it seems the Universe had different plans for me. Or perhaps I had different plans for me, but I just didn’t know it yet.

Two weeks into my new career, a lovely lady that I’d never met before came in to my office telling me that she felt fearful about her future – that something was holding her back and she couldn’t get rid of it – that it seems to have been there her whole life or certainly as long as she could remember. No problem, I said, I’m confident that we can find the root cause of this and clear it and I was being truthful, I did absolutely believe that we could deal with this and that it could be fixed. I was thinking to myself that perhaps something had happened in the childhood home that had made her feel unsafe, perhaps something had been said by an adult, she’d overheard it and it had worried her. I was expecting to find something quite normal and I had no real reason to expect anything different.

So I proceeded to take her into hypnosis just as I had been trained to do and I regressed her to the scenes of her life that have everything to do with why she feels this way – fearful about her future and that something is holding her back.

Her first scene, she was happily playing with her baby sister in the garden. She knew immediately once her sister was born, that she loved children and wanted to be a teacher. She was four years old and she already knew her purpose and she did in fact grow up to become a teacher.

Her second scene, she now had a baby brother too but he was sick in the hospital and she was at home, pacing the room waiting for news and hoping that they would say that he was going to be ok. She had her sister to look after. She was trying to cook dinner for them both. She was ten years old. She had already become the carer of the family. Dad had gone and Mum wasn’t coping well.

Her third scene, she was alone outside in the dark. It seemed to be the bushland down by the beach near her home. She had no idea where her baby sister was and her Mum was some distance away doing something but she was told to stay where she was. She did as she was told but she felt very cold and she was shivering. She didn’t feel afraid but something “came over her” she said and she never felt the same again.

We looked at the scene together. Nothing had happened directly to her, she wasn’t physically or sexually abused, there was no trauma in this scene but she said that she knew in that moment that her life would never be her own. Again she said that something “just came over me” and she knew that she could never really succeed in life, no matter how hard she might try because she was only here to serve never to be successful in her own life.

In that moment I knew what had happened to her – I had seen it psychically – and I was struggling within myself as to what I should do about it. I was supposed to be a hypnotherapist – I had a “method” to follow. I was trained to work with what the client presented to me – my opinions as to what was going on were to be left out of the equation because the session is all about the client and after all, she didn’t come for a psychic reading. She probably didn’t even know I did that – she had just seen my advertisement on a local FB page saying that I did hypnotherapy and I was available for appointments!

I knew all that but I was in a dilemma. I really wanted to follow the procedures that I had been trained in. I was a new hypnotherapist and I didn’t want to break the rules just two weeks in, so I put aside what I had seen and focused on taking her through the session just as I had been trained to do.

So we continued and progressed through the session with all the other techniques designed to give the client maximum healing and the best experience. It’s a beautiful therapy and it works really well but in my mind I knew something and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to leave the job half done (from my perspective at least). I knew I would have to deal with this at some point, I just didn’t quite know how to put this into the session or when. I had just met this woman and I had no idea how she viewed so called “other-worldly” things but I did know that there was no way on earth that I could leave this woman walk out of my office with this “thing” attached to her particularly because “it” knew I had seen it – it was laughing at me – but how do I broach this subject with my new client?

There is a particular procedure in my hypnotherapy training, that re-visits the scenes and the child (now adult) gets to verbalise all the things that she couldn’t say back then as a small child and it was in this part of the session that I intuitively knew how this problem would be addressed. When my client was busy saying “something came over me that day and now I want it to leave because it’s not me, it’s not who I really am” I knew that this was the moment for me to help her to release the entity that had lived with her for the past 40 years since it entered her body on that day.

As she was re-empowering herself and verbalising that her mother was wrong to have left her in the bushland alone at night at 5 years old, while she went off to have an encounter with a stranger behind the bushes – in that moment the entity was weakened. My client was calling back all of the power that was hers, she was calling out the fact that she had been badly treated and that her own mother had sacrificed her safety in exchange for her own adulterous pleasure and in that moment that entity lost its power and I commanded it to leave.

I cleared the entity out of her body and made sure that there were no cords or portals left open or anything of the kind left behind whilst at the same time continuing with the next step in this therapy session and a few minutes later the session was complete and my client was sat there smiling at me, looking relieved and looking released.

I asked her how she felt and had it all make sense to her. We talked a little while about her scenes, what had come up and her understanding of everything and then she tipped her head on one side and asked, “Did you clear something dark off of me? I saw this black thing leave, right at the end there when I was alone in the bushland. I know that thing. It’s been with me for ever, that’s the thing that was sucking me dry and holding me back from ever having a life of my own – my mother sold me out and I was in servitude from the day it came but now I’m free. Thank you, you are like an angel to me”.

Oh my goodness – I could have cried with joy!

Multidimensional Hypnotherapy had just been born.

I feel so grateful that I followed my heart and did what I know how to do so well. I am a healer. I have removed thousands of entities, spells, hexes and curses from people as well as the trauma from alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse and demonic possession.

I’m sure you could understand why I was looking forward to working with people for weight-loss or to help them develop self-confidence through hypnosis – I wanted the easy clients I guess. I wanted to work with things that wouldn’t tax me or be energetically demanding on my own body but the truth of it is that even the most mundane of things like trying to lose weight and not being able to can be a result of karmic residue – not being able to get over a broken relationship can be connected to a vow that was taken in the Middle Ages that he and she would be “together for ever” – that not having the confidence to step out in business can be connected to the fear of losing everything you ever worked for because it’s happened to you before in another lifetime and somewhere in your subconscious mind (and actually in your DNA too) you still hold the memory of the pain you experienced and it’s just too great to let you be free of it, until you find it, acknowledge it and override it.

I have many more stories like this one now from the people that I’ve helped. I’ve loved facilitating each and every one of them. It fills my heart with joy to see their transformation.

If a client comes in and his or her session is straightforward and follows the therapy exactly as I was trained, I feel blessed that I was able to help them because the therapy itself is brilliant.

If a client comes in and we go on a multidimensional journey through all of space and time and even into other lifetimes, I feel absolutely delighted that I was able to facilitate their healing through using my own very rare and unique gifts and talents. It gives me the opportunity to fulfil my own purpose and mission which is: to help people to release the energy blocks that hold them back from being all that they truly are – and for that I feel humbled, divinely blessed and forever grateful.

We are all extremely layered and complex beings – what an amazing life this is.


(story shared with permission from client)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Karen Turpin is a multidimensional energetic healer, facilitator and hypnotherapist. She is available for private session work in person from her office in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Worldwide via skype or zoom.
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