The Best Gift

I am bursting with JOY and had to share what an extraordinary session I did today with a gorgeous awakened beautiful soul…

Working with starseeds, indigos, empaths and other types of psychic people is just THE BEST because they can so easily access their subconscious mind to retrieve the information that they need in order to heal their past – whether this lifetime or another. With these highly attuned people our “hypnotherapy session” becomes “multi-dimensional hypnotherapy” and we can access layers of karmic burden, soul contracts and aberrant spiritual energies and we can incorporate all the best of my abilities as a healer and etheric surgeon right along with my skill as a hypnotherapist to guide them to just the right memories from their past so that they get the understanding of why things have been the way they have in their life or why they feel a certain way – then we can clear it, heal it and move on empowered and transformed.

I am loving life right now – helping to free people from their past is my absolute joy and passion!

8th December 2017

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