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I chose Karen because she has amazing insight and ability to really get to the root of your problem. I like the fact that she doesn't hold back so you will really get to the truth of the matter. She is thorough, conscientious and caring and it is clear she really wants to help you become the best version of yourself. Her talent and ability to 'see' things on a completely different level make her an exceptional and unique therapist to work with. My session with her really showed me exactly what i needed to know and has helped me immensely. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough.

AW, Hampshire, England


I first learned of Karen’s work through a friend and I was guided a bit later to contact Karen by that still, gentle voice in one’s soul that leads you to the people who can best assist at that point of your life. I am so glad I listened to my guidance and contacted Karen for session work. Not only are the hypnotherapy sessions helpful for the main issue that I initially sought guidance, but additionally I am I noticing that by continuing to listen to the meditation, new neural pathways are forming in my brain and new options in many areas of my life are coming together as I have new directions to pursue. I am delighted with the results of my session and the new prospects that are presenting themselves. In my experience, the best spiritual teachers and healers are the ones that not only have integrity and generosity in their business practices, but also aim to connect you with your innate spiritual strengths and guidance in an effort to foster independence and promote your own innate healing abilities. Karen exceeds the mark in all of these areas. I refer her to friends and colleagues with enthusiasm.

Christine in Raleigh, North Carolina USA


I have just completed a course with Karen which has been transformational, without a doubt the best investment I have ever made for myself. Working with Karen has been an amazing experience where I am finally able to see some clear direction and achieve goals. Over many, many years I have read so many books, meditated etc etc. and know what I need to do it but unable to get results.
I feel like I have been wandering up and down a corridor, knowing what is on the other side but unable to access it. Karen opened a door in that corridor and I was finally able to step through. I feel like I am in the best place I have ever been in thanks to the sessions I have had with Karen. It is apparent to me that I could not have done this on my own (otherwise I would have years ago!) I am very grateful to Karen, her healing, her wisdom and her ability to direct me onto my clear, wonderful new path.

PV. Sydney, NSW


I was lucky enough to be able to go see Karen a few months ago, and my life has changed DRAMATICALLY since only having one session.
The girl who walked in not feeling good enough, not having a voice, feeling anxious, all of the horrible, negative things that we feel about ourselves, was completely changed into a brand new woman.
It’s only been a few months, but I have had so much self growth in such a short time. I don’t think a negative thought about myself, I know what I deserve, I know that I am enough, I am more confident and happier than ever. I surround myself with people who know my worth and who respect me, and I won’t settle for anything less. I am happy and love myself more than I ever have.
I am so grateful I was able to see Karen at such a young age, and I’m so excited to see where my life takes me being such a happy, positive person now. I will definitely be seeing Karen again, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me become the woman I am today, I wouldn’t be at this stage of happiness with myself without you ❤️
Coffs Harbour, NSW


Following up on the amazing session I had with you yesterday on visualisation which involved requesting a sign from the Universe, I wanted to let you know that today I did receive a very significant sign. It was most powerful and inspiring and I am convinced I am heading in the right direction.This sign has lifted me significantly, motivated and inspired with. With gratitude, Patricia,
Sydney, NSW


I was blessed to know Karen as an amazing intuitive and energetic healer even before she developed Multidimensional Hypnotherapy. My session with Karen was deeply profound on every level...physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Between her extraordinary ability to help you ascertain your core issue and her combined intuition and training she is able to flawlessly zero in on the focus for your regression therapy leaving you feeling safe, supported and cared for the entire time. The results are unbelievable and so truly empowering. Karen's recorded self hypnosis meditation felt extremely strong and resonant for me and I could feel my sub-conscious mind talking to my body and helping it to rearrange back to it's organic nature before my trauma. A whole new level of freedom is available to me now. Having tried hypnotherapy and regression before there is no doubt that Karen and her Multidimensional Hypnotherapy are far more superior to anything I have ever experienced. This therapy will help you get at the problem that has evaded you your whole life. If I were you, I would choose Karen to assist you in this journey. She's the best!
Laura M.
Los Angeles, CA


Karen is an amazing healer and ascension guide, she was my first spiritual teacher and is still to this day my ultimate 'go too' when I am under major energy construction, emotional trauma and the like. I always leave feeling better, clearer and more aligned. Her connection with spirit is powerful and clear.
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Thank you for my Session. To be truthful I feel joy and its Monday night. This feeling hasn't left me since meeting with you. I have been missing my joy and it feels beautiful and light and easy and I feel a happy peace.🎉 I choose joy. Thank you ❤💜💙💚💛💗 for helping me find my joy again💫
Name confidential,
Dee Why, NSW, Australia

Karen is a brilliant therapist! Her command of RTT is absolutely amazing. She was able to get to the core root of an issue I had been dealing with for 50 yrs in one session! I truly was amazed at her skill. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about making changes in their life as she will make that happen for you! She is very professional & so easy to work with, I highly recommend her! Thank you!
Name confidential,
Utah, USA.

Recently I had the pleasure of having a hypnotherapy session with Karen Turpin. Karen's approach is both caring and professional. I felt safe at all times during our session and know I am supported by Karen in these following weeks. I have participated in various therapies before and can now understand why this type of hypnotherapy is so successful. I can see now how trying to move on in my life in the way I wanted was always falling short because of events in my past. During my session I could clearly see and understand how this was being changed. The contrast between myself and my life before the session and after the session is profound. I happily recommend this experience with Karen to anyone who has had enough and are wanting positive change in their life.
Name confidential,
Far North Coast, NSW, Australia

I recently had a Rapid Transformational Hypnosis session with Karen and it was way more transformative than I had expected. I have been going through a lot of emotional trauma recently with the end of a 35 year marriage, and there were some difficult, long-standing and deep emotions that were blocking my healing. With gentle guidance from Karen, I was able to identify what was stopping me from being able to move on. Together we looked at these blockages and recognised where they came from. Once I knew their origins it was so much easier to know what I was dealing with. I had been worried that I would relive previous traumas and that I would not “go under.” Karen explained to me that I would be the observer in what had happened to me in the past, rather than being back in those devastating situations. Also there was no question of “going under,” what that really meant was to be in a really deep level of relaxation, which was remarkably easy. After the session, I saw an immediate change in myself, and I was stronger and more resilient, I could see through manipulations and was able to release all the negativity that had been so ingrained. I felt immediately better and lighter with the relief of not carrying around all that “stuff,” and the realisation that I am really a good person, regardless of what has happened to me. Karen made a recording for me to listen to daily, to reinforce what we had talked about together. The whole process was gentle and Karen was very kind and encouraging. She has been following up with me to see how I’m going since, and I have surprised myself with the things that I’m coping with, that in the past would have destroyed me. I am forever grateful for the help that Karen gave me, and would recommend her whole heartedly to anyone who wants to change their life around for the better.
Name confidential,
Mona Vale, NSW, Australia


My life has changed in many ways already. I am listening to the recorded hypnosis you sent me every day. I have noticed a huge difference in how I relate to my partner. I am no longer anxious about our relationship and I have a deeper level of trust that I have not experienced for years, if ever!
I don't think the thoughts I used too and he must be feeling the energy change too because there is a shift in how he is towards me as well. It is beautiful and I am so grateful.
I feel so much more empowered and something happened yesterday that was really interesting because it was one of those moments that you didn't know you react in a certain way until you react differently. I was driving in my car and a guy was beside me in his car and he was staring at me really intensely. When this happened in the past I would have a rush of anxiety go through my body and feel really uncomfortable but this time I just looked back and him and felt nothing. I didn't realise that a situation like this made me feel anxious in the past until I didn't. Thank you so much. I feel so free.
Name confidential,
Central Coast, NSW, Australia


I have been obsessed about my weight for as long as I can remember. At the age of 10 my mother introduced me to a neighbour's 'slimming soup' and by the age of 12, I no longer added sugar to my breakfast cereal. Anything I could do to be slim, I did. And yet, looking back, I was a skinny kid.
As I matured into a curvy (but not overweight) woman, the yo-yo dieting began - losing weight that I didn't need to lose, only to gain it back again - and some more. I dieted, I binged, and I dieted again, and by the time I was in my early 50s I was 20kg overweight. My body had stopped cooperating with me; it refused to lose any weight at all, no matter what I did.
I knew that I had some issues stemming from my childhood. I'm a smart person; I knew that some of the things my father said to me were incredibly damaging to my sense of self, and to my sense of wellbeing. And I know that my mother enrolled me in her desire to lose weight for herself. But I didn't know how to repair the damage done - in fact, I couldn't even see the true extent of the damage done.
When Karen told me she could hypnotise me to lose weight, I was very doubtful. I have a strong mind, and wasn't convinced that anyone could hypnotise me.
Over three sessions, to my astonishment, my attitude towards food began to change. I found myself relaxing at dinner with friends, eating what had once been 'forbidden food' without planning to starve myself the next day. I began to eat what I enjoyed eating, rather than what I thought I should eat.
I found myself able to leave food on my plate, and able to make decisions that stemmed from being in the moment, rather than stuck in my past.
But it was the last session with Karen that created the ultimate breakthrough. I fully saw the extent of my father's cruelty and in that moment, I was liberated from it.
What impresses me about Karen's technique is that it's not just Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) - it's the sum of all the healing modalities that Karen has practised over the years, that allows her to tune into you, to ask the right questions and to guide you to see the answers for yourself - it truly is a Multidimensional Therapy.
Karen creates a safe space - a space where you can confront your demons - and with her compassionate guidance, she leads you to uncover the aspects of the self that are frozen in time, that have created unconscious patterns and habits that are more often than not, entirely self destructive.
Karen's methods and practices are second to none.
Gaynor Foster
Albury, NSW

Thank you for changing my attitude to smoking. I've been a smoker for a number of years with feelings that the smoking controlled my daily habits more than I would have liked. The process for change was easy and I felt so comfortable with you and during the session. I'm now able to enjoy smoking on a social basis without it dictating my movements, the exact outcome I had wished for!
Name confidential,
Narrabeen, NSW, Australia

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