My Personal Story

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help people. I thought about becoming a nurse until I realised that it was going to involve a lot of blood and body fluids so I changed my mind about that but it still didn’t put me off wanting to help other people in some way.

I didn’t realise at the time, that I had problems of my own. I had feelings that I couldn’t really identify, but I had pushed them aside without even realising.  I think a lot of us do that.

I followed a career in banking and after a while went into a legal practice and then later became a wife and a mother. I loved being a mother, but I intuitively knew that once my children were grown, that there was another part of me that would reveal itself.  I had always felt that my life would be in two parts and I knew that there was a larger purpose to my life that I had not even begun to explore yet.

For me this took the form of a spiritual awakening first (you can read more about it here if you'd like to) and of course it took me into my own healing journey.

I saw that my desire to help others stemmed from my need to understand and heal myself, particularly those very hurt parts of myself that I had hidden deeply away and out of sight.  Healer heal thyself.  I know this is common amongst healers.

These hidden emotional pains had given rise to a series of health issues, such as migraines and anxiety as well as chronic/adrenal fatigue. I tried to address these issues through natural therapies, meditation and energy healing – and that worked to some degree. But I never really got to the root cause of my emotional pain, and I never seemed to really get fully ‘better’ either.

I believe that in order to fix something we first need to understand it – but going to a psychologist for months or years to try to identify problems didn’t appeal to me at all and the idea of dredging up old stuff and talking about it endlessly didn’t either.

My life had been pretty OK, even really amazing at times, and there was nothing that I could readily identify as ‘trauma’ but there definitely was a feeling of inner sadness that had slowly developed into feelings of anxiety and had led to complete exhaustion. I had learned how to manage my energy much more since my spiritual awakening but there were still pieces that I couldn’t work out and couldn't fix.

I began to explore my subconscious mind through self hypnosis and that's when I really began to get somewhere. All of a sudden the understanding opened up and a complete transformation began to take place within me. Hypnotherapy helped me very quickly to zoom right in to the spot where I could get the most impact and healing, yet without that feeling of poking at a sore spot with a sharp stick.  Despite many years of personal and spiritual development work I had still been unable to access some of the programmes and beliefs that were stored deep in my subconscious mind and I didn't realise how they were affecting me on a day to day basis.

I began to realise that I had carried this emotional pain for a very long time, and I could see how it had affected everything in my life. I could see why I lacked confidence and self esteem, why I felt unsafe, unworthy and unable to achieve my goals, why I felt ‘less than’ and put down. I began to see how I had developed the physical, emotional and psychological issues that had weighed me down and held me back.  I had stuff I didn't even realise I had and all this while appearing on the outside as if I had it all together and living an almost perfect life.

With hypnotherapy, it was as if someone had just flicked a switch and one-by-one those feelings began to pack up and go. My health improved, my life began to change and I felt strong, confident, talented, worthy and deserving. All of the gifts I had been born with were suddenly available to me. They were always mine but now I really owned them.

Through this journey of healing I have gained a powerful insight into what other people feel and what hurts them. We are not so different from each other. We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. From working through my own challenges in life I have discovered that I can help other people who are experiencing similar things in their life, because I understand what it feels like to be there and what is required to get out of that place in order to begin to feel better and love life.

I believe that it is my innate ability to understand and really feel on a very deep level what others are experiencing, combined with my years of work as an energy healer, that sets me apart from other hypnotherapists.  I have a vast experience of this "search to find ourselves", to find our inner truth and passion and I understand just what it takes to be confident enough to speak our truth and live an authentic life.

We all want peace and happiness in our life and we actually want an abundance of it.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping my clients to find their inner prosperity so that they can create the life they really want.  The Universe is infinitely abundant.  Everything is available to us if we can free ourselves from what holds us back.  When we can do that, life feels beautiful again.
My prayer is that we ALL get to experience the Abundance of the Universe and feel peace in our hearts.

In Gratitude,