Manifesting Abundance and Money Mindset Programme

This Manifesting Abundance and Money Mindset Programme is a 12 week, coaching program that combines the best of my skills as a hypnotherapist, energy healer and integrative health coach and allows me to help you to reprogram and upgrade your subconscious beliefs. This is necessary if you want to leave behind self-doubt and fear and feel confident about manifesting abundance in any area of your life in order to create the life you really want.

This programme is designed to help you break-through your biggest energy blocks, develop your self confidence and self belief and fine tune your manifesting skills with a comprehensive understanding of how your mindset affects your ability to manifest abundance in your life. (This is actually a life skill that I think should be taught to kids in schools!).

I have a very unique way of working with my clients.  It’s very comprehensive and your transformation takes place at the conscious, subconscious and even superconscious level as we take our understanding of the Law of Attraction and the Power of Belief to a whole new level – that of the Quantum Field – and working in this way gives you a fantastic understanding of exactly how you do indeed create your own reality.

I use the combined power of Integrative Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychology and my own highly developed skills as a psychic and energy healer to uncover the limiting beliefs and energy blocks that hold you back, keep you stuck and diminish your abilities to create an abundant life.

This programme covers many different areas of abundance so whether you are looking for abundance in health, wealth, success, personal relationships – basically anything that you want help to manifest in your life, I can give you the tools to do it through this programme. Everything is about energy and when we clear the energy blocks and release the flow around what it is that we want to manifest, then the Universe can’t help but bring that to us.  I know this might sound a bit “woo-woo” but in my experience this has proven to be more fact than fiction and this programme is tried and tested repeatedly in my own life when I’ve wanted to manifest things and also in other people’s when I’ve helped them in this way. 

The missing piece for many people is “what is blocking them from receiving” and that’s the part I’m really good at finding and this is how I coined my favourite phrase “You have to let go in order to receive“.

Over 12 weeks, I will personally guide you through this programme. You’ll experience up to 3 Hypnotherapy sessions (dependant upon requirements) to rewire your subconscious mind towards abundance and to clear any other energy blocks to your success, you’ll experience personalised guided meditations to help you let go of energy or money blocks and a Future Life Vision in which you will get to look into the future in order to learn from that future life perspective and understand what you need to know now in order to improve your abundance and draw it towards you even sooner. This programme includes regular coaching sessions and email support throughout.

Package price – (AUD) $1,890

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