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Inner to Outer – A New World Emerging

Letting go of the old can be a painful process so let us remind ourselves of the Buddhist principle of “non-attachment”, a principle that is often misunderstood and does not mean cold and emotionless but rather it is a state of being wherein we are able to have clarity of mind to be able to see through to the truth of things; we don’t chase happiness (or enlightenment) we just accept it when it is present and release it when it passes; we are able to allow life to unfold itself rather than trying to control the outcome and we experience a space of expansiveness and freedom that brings genuine contentment and peace.

A New World Emerging

A new world is emerging right in the middle of the old one. More and more of us are choosing to have a life that is very different from the one we had before and we are in a process of clearing out the old in order to bring in the new. Anything that has been draining our energy or is parasitic in any way can be cleared out now – toxic relationships, disempowering thoughts and negative beliefs, unhealthy foods and lifestyles can all be cleared away, leaving us in a fresh and clean space from which to create a new life as these types of parasitic behaviours are no longer supported in the new energies. This clearing out process is always necessary before we can start afresh and as 2016 is a “9” year it is a natural completion year. We also have another lunar eclipse on 16th September. This may reveal something previously hidden and as it is eclipsing in Pisces this time it also indicates a time of completion. As well, the influence of Mars begs us to ask the questions:  how aligned am I to my personal truth?  Am I being authentic?

As the moon is in Pisces and conjunct Chiron for those of us with Chiron in Pisces in our charts we may feel particularly affected by these energies right now, although they will affect everyone to varying degrees. Chiron brings up our wounds – our deepest wounds – the things that have hurt us so deeply that we almost feel like we just can’t go there ever again, we don’t want to look at them again. It is a deeply painful energy but also a deeply transformational energy. Chiron brings to us the opportunity to create our own inner alchemy. By letting go of something that has pained us, by forgiving ourselves or others or by having the courage to face something that we didn’t want to, we can bring about a complete transformation within ourselves and actually within the cells of our body. When we release old hurts, grievances and insecurities an alchemical process takes place and we are transformed and released from the chains that bind us. We are released from old timelines and we can make a radical shift in consciousness. This eclipse energy along with the energies of Chiron and Mars offer us a fantastic opportunity for accelerated growth. Use this time to let go of the dark and heavy and step into the increasing Light of Ascension.

Shifting realities

Through working more with these eclipse energies and the various astrological alignments that have been so intense this year, I have understood at a deeper level the vision that was given to me many years ago of “another planet earth” merging with this planet earth in this time period. Back then, I did not have names for what I saw and I couldn’t see the process by which it could happen but I did understand the shift of consciousness that was required if we were to find ourselves on the ascending planet as opposed to the descending one. We all make choices as to which timeline we want to align to and in a sense (using my vision as an example) upon which planet earth we want to reside. Many of us have been living almost in two realities, sometimes with one foot in each place but the time is here now when we must choose exactly where it is that we want to place our feet and we must place them firmly to ground ourselves and anchor in that reality. We do this at a personal level and also at a global level.

Making the shift so that both feet are in the same space has not always been easy, as we have been surrounded by so many distractions – many of which seemed really “real and true” but have proven over time to be not quite so true after all. Many people have also been “fed” an idea that when we shift out of 3D and into 5D that all would be wonderful (a flowers and rainbows type of thing) which we also know now is not quite accurate, and so many people are in a type of limbo place – actually even a type of “floating in space” where nothing is quite solid, lots of things don’t make sense like they used to and the more we let go it feels like the higher we float – like a hot air balloon throwing out baggage. We’ve experienced and learned such a lot but it’s important to get grounded as soon as we possibly can as we can feel a bit unstable when we are “in-between” spaces, and there is a type of transit occurring now where people are lining up to be in the best vibrational match for their future lives so it can feel quite chaotic in the fields as there appears to be nothing solid to hold on to anymore. This will definitely be a theme for the rest of this year and into next year, so we can expect to see people “changing their minds” about things and lots of movement. People leaving and new people coming in to our lives or we might be the ones that are leaving because our hearts are being called in a different direction. Finding our own personal sense of peace and inner balance will help us at those times when our surroundings seem chaotic. When great numbers of people are going through a time of flux the energy waves can get very turbulent and we can get caught up in that, so it’s best if we can get still and peaceful inside so that we are not too affected by other people’s dramas and indecision as they search for their own vibratory alignment.

As these two worlds, or two realities continue to pull apart over the coming months we will see many structures collapse and fall apart and we too may undergo a process of a type of death and decomposition on a cellular level as well as on mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. Like a shamanic death or dark night of the soul, this “breakdown” may feel physically very hard for some of us as if we are having to drag our heavy body around and some of us may have to face health scares big enough to change our lives completely but as always, there is purpose to this. Healing is an inside out job so the change that is required for us to heal must occur on the inside first. When that “change” (or shift of consciousness) is maintained over a period of time then the change is reflected on the outside and we begin to see a healing of the physical body. The body comes back into balance and energy begins to flow again, creating a healthy, flowing, mind, body and spirit. Where there is stagnation there is also dis-ease as for some reason, we have gone against our natural state of being, so being able to identify what it is that limits or compresses us and releasing it, allows us to come into a state of balance and expansion once again. In order for the healing to be long lasting, we must keep on doing that which helped us to heal and if we fall back into old patterns or ways of being again then it is probable that the dis-ease will return to our body and we will get sick again. Or we could say, stuck again.

Life is about growth and expansion, ever changing, ever flowing. It is important that we are open to new ideas; new ways of thinking and being and that we allow beauty and creativity into our lives. In order to change our lives we need to change our thoughts, behaviours or feelings – there can be no change until we do but once we do, and when we do it consistently then our whole personality begins to undergo a change. We literally change our minds and if we choose to feel think and behave differently then our personality is changed too. Our external life then changes to reflect that. When we keep doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts and responding to the same set of circumstances in the same way that we always did then we stay the same. This is what holds us stuck in the past and unable to let things go and therein lies the stagnation that leads to degeneration.

When we make these changes in our lives our whole mind/brain/heart connection begins to be re-wired and we begin to create new neural pathways in the brain. This can feel a bit tiring to the physical body and particularly if we are removing ourselves from a great deal of stress and strain, then the body can go into a type of “decompression” phase. In terms of ascension this decompression phase can also be brought on by an activation within our lightbody or some type of spiritual awakening through increased awareness. In fact the two go hand in hand – when we remove ourselves from stress, when we change our lives and change our minds for the good, then the next step naturally is growth and expansion of consciousness which of course includes the activation of more evolved layers of our lightbody. We could say then, that ascension is a natural state of evolution and hence available to everyone that chooses to participate with his or her own personal growth and self development. When vast numbers of us shift our perception and change our minds and begin to live and experience a totally different state of being we begin to see that the new world is indeed emerging, from the inside out.

Until next time,
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Karen AnTaraInner to Outer – A New World Emerging


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  • Darren H. - November 6, 2017

    Once again, very enlightening!
    Thank you.

  • Karen AnTara - November 22, 2017

    Thanks Darren.
    I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

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