Client Session – SF

Could you imagine how it would feel if you were a baby in the womb and you heard your mother say: “Well THIS isn’t quite what I expected… I’ll just have to put up with it now… I’ll just have to get on with it and deal with it”.

What if you realised that what she was talking about was YOU!

YOU weren’t expected and now she’s just going to have to put up with you…

This is what we discovered in a hypnotherapy session yesterday. My client was regressed and went right back into the womb. She heard her mother say this and we put all the pieces together of why she felt like she had never been “enough” and why she was so jealous of her sister who came a few years later – because her sister was “chosen” not “unexpected”.

She’d had a lovely childhood, there was no abuse, but she had an underlying feeling of “not being enough” and now she had the understanding of where that subconscious belief had come from.

Through hypnosis we were able to change her understanding, give her a context of why she felt like she didn’t belong – both in that family or on this planet – because she also regressed to her life between lifetimes and she remembered the peace and calm that she left behind when she came here to this frantic and frenetic world.

She left the session with an amazing sense of being able to access that calm, peaceful space within herself again. Something she had lost that day in the womb when she overheard her mother talking….

21st December 2017, Karen Turpin
All rights reserved


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