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A lovely lady came to me looking for answers to her ongoing physical problems – the intention being to ask her sub-conscious mind to show us the root cause of the problem – but the session opened up into oh so much more…

This extension of a hypnotherapy session which I now called multi-dimensional hypnotherapy doesn’t happen all the time or with every client. It just seems that when the connection is right some clients are ready to go deeper and I can help them with that. Our minds and bodies are fascinating and when we have the understanding, everything changes for the better and anything is possible

I love my work and it just keeps getting better…!

Yesterday I worked with another gorgeous starseed sister – we set out to do a hypnotherapy session, both knowing that it would involve oh! so much more than straight hypnotherapy!

Starseeds and Empaths often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, sometimes in their lungs so heavy that they can hardly breathe and feeling tremendous grief. Often they go into a state of shock at a very early age when they feel, sense and witness lies and manipulation, emotional pain and hurt and sometimes this seems deliberately targeted at them – because they’re different, over-sensitive and don’t quite fit in to the family unit in the same way as other siblings. These feelings are very common across society in general, but I have found that we Starseeds and Empaths feel it more deeply. It is often carried as a very deep wound within us, because we remember unconditional love and compassion from our home planet – it is wired into us, it’s in our DNA – and yet we arrive on a planet that feels so very hostile and un-evolved that we often go into trauma and display signs of PTSD that can affect us for life.

In our beautiful session yesterday through the state of hypnosis we were able to connect with this lady’s sub-conscious mind and access the information we needed to get to the root cause of her lung and heart problems. The wonderful part of working in this way is that the client can access their own answers from their subconscious mind so it’s not the same as being told things by a healer but having no connection to what is being said. In our session we were both able to see where she had been keeping “a record” of the pain she had witnessed here on this planet and we saw how she thought it was her job to do this. We also saw how it had manifested in her heart as an energetic mass with roots extending out through her lungs and beginning to spread through to other parts of her body. We were able to extract all of this using etheric surgery and she understood now that her role as a record keeper was complete.

As this was released we watched as pure love and beauty flooded in. Her natural state, her essence is one of beauty – she is here to see, hold and manifest beauty on this planet and as she heals the pain of childhood trauma, she is able to bring more and more beauty on to this planet. She does this not only through her art but through her heart as this is her divine state and her gift to the planet and its people. Such beauty! Such joy! and such a relief for her.

So very interesting also, is that this lady has a deep love for trees. Trees are often said to be the lungs of the planet and here we have a lady with congestion in her lungs, intuitively doing everything she can to spend time with trees as she finds it so healing and now we understand why.

12 December 2017, Karen Turpin
All rights reserved


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