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Upgrades Abound

Have you noticed that many people are being inspired to make great changes lately?  We are in a most pivotal time in our history and there is a very definite momentum moving us collectively through continual paradigm shifts, spiritual initiations and universal opportunities to expand mass consciousness at a global level.
KarenTurpinUpgrades Abound
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Inter-generational Trauma

Sometimes clients come to me in a state of unexplained PTSD - they cannot find traumatic experiences in their lifetime that would explain why they are feeling as they do. There seems to be no cause for it - good childhood, no trauma, no abuse, no serious shock - and yet their nervous system is fragile, they often have chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue, are anxious, stressed and in a constant state of fight and flight (sometimes even in freeze).
KarenTurpinInter-generational Trauma
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Would you like to glimpse your future?

A lovely lady came to me recently for hypnosis as she had been feeling really anxious, worried and unsettled about her life. Her marriage had gone through some challenging times recently and she had not been able to feel settled since. She is also the mother of three young children and has no family nearby to help her.
KarenTurpinWould you like to glimpse your future?
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Consolidating What We Know

The vast array and diversity of the experiences on offer to us here on this planet are pretty much unlimited and with each new “latest thing” we add to that list of what we might choose to experience, but are we really free to choose which experiences to have and which to avoid? Or is choice an illusion?
KarenTurpinConsolidating What We Know
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Re-Evaluation – Pioneers of a New Timeline

An opportunity to step on to a new timeline is here for all of us right now and it is so palpable that we can be left in no doubt of it’s arrival or presence in our life.   Many of us are feeling pushed to step up and step out and we may feel very much out of our comfort zone through this time if we try to analyse and think our way through it. We know from past cycles of growth, that to achieve best results we should feel and be guided, or “think” through our heart’s feelings.
KarenTurpinRe-Evaluation – Pioneers of a New Timeline
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We've all experienced what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed at one time or another. For most of us that feeling passes when things settle down a bit and we have time to ourselves to take a breath and let go.
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The Unseen Made Visible

We’ve entered a new year and a new time cycle and many people are experiencing, even at an unconscious level, a move towards wanting to heal themselves - so that they can move beyond their pain and trauma as they are just really fed up with living the way they have done and its time to change. For many there is a feeling of urgency to get this done and as this is a time of great change so they are bang on target whether they know it or not.
KarenTurpinThe Unseen Made Visible
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A New Architecture

We are moving forward collectively on to a whole new timeline which carries huge potential and offers us amazing opportunities and if we choose to take on this growth it will require some re-calibration in areas of our life. Our choices dictate whether we smoothly become part of this consciousness flow, whether we get a little buffeted on the edge of the flow or whether we attempt to swim against the flow and this choice will be made both consciously and unconsciously because often we don’t exactly know what we are getting ourselves into when we choose to participate with something new but there is often a feeling like we just have to do it anyway.
KarenTurpinA New Architecture
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In a therapy session Forgiveness can be an interesting point. - Some people really WANT to forgive their hurter and others don't... - Some feel OBLIGED to forgive... we have all heard so many times that we SHOULD forgive that..
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Inner to Outer – A New World Emerging

September 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Over the last six months since the time of the March eclipses, we have been in a period of accelerated ascension. If we choose and are not stuck in old patterns of behaving and believing, then anything that is of the old 3D timeline, false light and distorted teachings of the “new age” is simply falling away from us. There is a natural ordering process occurring where we lose interest in what no longer resonates or serves our growth and we migrate to a different location or even join up with a different group of souls with whom to continue our journey.

Karen AnTaraInner to Outer – A New World Emerging
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