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The Beauty of Being Spontaneous

I didn’t quite expect to find myself in France paying a surprise visit to my Dad for his 80th birthday. “If I just got on a plane now I could be there for his birthday” and the next moment I was literally boarding a plane.  It was all quite surreal. I had moments when I felt completely outside of my body – as if I was watching myself do this…  as if I was surprised at myself for just getting up and going almost without a backward glance.  Spontaneous.  In the Moment.  Following my heart. The Beauty of Abundance in my life.
KarenTurpinThe Beauty of Being Spontaneous
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Are you stuck in a time-loop?

Although we can’t ever fully control life, there are many aspects that we can control through our choices. For the most part we get to choose what we participate in and with whom and unless we are genuinely locked in a prison cell we get to choose whether we stay or walk away. This applies to any particular place or situation, to jobs, relationships, homes and even circles or groups that we might be associated with. We are more or less free to make these choices, but yet it seems so difficult to walk away sometimes, even if staying there causes us pain and inevitable dis empowerment.
KarenTurpinAre you stuck in a time-loop?
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The New Age and Ascension Deception

Are we being lied to by New Age and Ascension Teachers and Leaders? Could it be that we’ve been told only half of the Truth and without the other half we remain unconsciously impotent, stuck, wounded and powerless? We are supposed to be in an Age of Enlightenment. An age in which everything is revealed and the Truth comes to Light. However I observe, that even though much truth IS being revealed, people are actually more confused now than ever before!
KarenTurpinThe New Age and Ascension Deception
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Create What You Want In Life

Are you ready to make some changes? We all hold a pattern of beliefs by which we run our lives. Some are positive beliefs and others are quite negative or even destructive. Often we are completely unconscious of the beliefs that we hold but they govern our lives nonetheless. We always have the power to override our beliefs but we must first identify them and sometimes they are so submerged beneath layers of emotion that getting to the root of them can be intensely painful. Once we make the decision to dig deep and expose all limiting beliefs though, immense freedom becomes available to us. It’s the opposite side of the same coin. When we face our fears and override them, freedom comes.
KarenTurpinCreate What You Want In Life
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It’s your time now … How to make this year great!

Will this New Year mean a New You? Take to heart what I write about today and you’ll be in a great position to begin to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make. So many people try again and again each New Year to become the person that they want to be — slimmer, fitter, healthier, successful in business, confident, addiction free — and yet within a few weeks their goals are already forgotten. Over the years, they get to a point where they scuff at the concept of New Year’s Resolutions because they know that even before they start, they are likely to fail.
KarenTurpinIt’s your time now … How to make this year great!
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Making Your Dreams a Reality

Are you living the life you really want? Or are you merely going through the motions each day and hoping that things will somehow get better all on their own? I’ve found that generally people do want a better life but commonly have no real idea of how to make it happen. Often by the time people come to see me for help, they are at their wits end with frustration and feel a complete lack of direction and no purpose in life. And if they can sense their purpose they seem unable to really fulfil it or get it off the ground.
KarenTurpinMaking Your Dreams a Reality
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Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind

The 3 Biggest Mistakes that people make when they're trying to change their life. We’ve all been there. We’ve gone on holiday and felt inspired to completely change our lives when we get home. Or we’ve listened to a motivational speaker, and immediately resolved to change our job, our home or our partner, as we set out to build an amazingly abundant and inspirational life. And we’ve probably all made New Year’s Resolutions that lasted somewhere between five minutes and a week. So how come these changes never last? Are we not dreaming hard enough or long enough? What does it take to make concrete, long-lasting changes? And is permanent change even possible?
KarenTurpinChange Your Life by Changing Your Mind
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Instant Gratification – Does It Really Serve You?

Have you ever had a creational thought and absolutely believed that it would manifest immediately? As if, by the mere fact that you had that thought and saw that vision that it would all happen exactly as you saw it, in just a blink of an eye.  On some level of consciousness it has quite possibly already been created, but how do we put enough energy into it for it to become manifest here in the physical?
KarenTurpinInstant Gratification – Does It Really Serve You?
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Finding Your True Self

I’m sure we’ve all felt our own limitless potential at times. It perhaps came in a dream or in meditation, or in a flash vision that showed us that “we could be great at something”, that we could have an “amazing life” or that “we could make a difference in the world”. In those moments we felt so inspired and sure that we could go out and create and become that person that we saw ourselves to be in the moment of that vision and yet, for the most part we haven’t actually gone out and done anything about that at all.
KarenTurpinFinding Your True Self
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When kissing a Unicorn just won’t cut it — How the Law of Attraction helped me to manifest nothing

I didn’t particularly want to be rich — I simply wanted to magnetically attract the right amount of clients so that I could earn enough money to put food on the table. I wasn’t asking for the moon, just enough clients to get by. I completely believed that just by saying this to the Universe that clients would magically appear on my doorstep — and they did. Not in abundance, but just enough.
KarenTurpinWhen kissing a Unicorn just won’t cut it — How the Law of Attraction helped me to manifest nothing
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