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Inter-generational Trauma

Sometimes clients come to me in a state of unexplained PTSD - they cannot find traumatic experiences in their lifetime that would explain why they are feeling as they do. There seems to be no cause for it - good childhood, no trauma, no abuse, no serious shock - and yet their nervous system is fragile, they often have chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue, are anxious, stressed and in a constant state of fight and flight (sometimes even in freeze).
KarenTurpinInter-generational Trauma
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Would you like to glimpse your future?

A lovely lady came to me recently for hypnosis as she had been feeling really anxious, worried and unsettled about her life. Her marriage had gone through some challenging times recently and she had not been able to feel settled since. She is also the mother of three young children and has no family nearby to help her.
KarenTurpinWould you like to glimpse your future?
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Multidimensional Hypnotherapy

It only took me two weeks in my new career as a hypnotherapist, to realise that I couldn’t leave behind 20 years of experience as an energy healer, psychic and medium, quite so easily.
KarenTurpinMultidimensional Hypnotherapy
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We've all experienced what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed at one time or another. For most of us that feeling passes when things settle down a bit and we have time to ourselves to take a breath and let go.
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In a therapy session Forgiveness can be an interesting point. - Some people really WANT to forgive their hurter and others don't... - Some feel OBLIGED to forgive... we have all heard so many times that we SHOULD forgive that..
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The False Ascension Matrix — How does it affect you?

What is your understanding of the 4D Astral Plane? Are you connected to it? If so, are you aware of its effects on you? Are you aware of the 5th dimension (5D), and what’s happening there?
KarenTurpinThe False Ascension Matrix — How does it affect you?
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Are you in The Starseed Trap?

You may already have heard that 5th and 7th densities of consciousness have been hijacked and that a False Ascension Matrix exists at 5D, but did you know that there’s another, stronger false reality matrix at the next level, just waiting to trap the unwary spiritual pilgrim on his or her journey home?
KarenTurpinAre you in The Starseed Trap?
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