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(Part 1) Is this the Shift of Consciousness we’ve all been waiting for?

Is it a virulent virus of which we should all live in fear? Is it biological warfare? Is it a cover up to instal 5G, to microchip everyone and enforce mandatory vaccination? Are we now beginning to live Agenda 21 OR is this the shift of consciousness that we were all expecting anyway?
KarenTurpin(Part 1) Is this the Shift of Consciousness we’ve all been waiting for?
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We Create Our Reality With Our Thoughts – Stay Out Of Fear

In these difficult times, when there is so much fear and uncertainty all around us, it can be a bit challenging to remember that we create our own reality. In real terms I know that many people will argue with me on this point especially when we look around us and see what is currently going on in the world - "I didn't create this!". 
KarenTurpinWe Create Our Reality With Our Thoughts – Stay Out Of Fear
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Am I heading in the right direction?… (I want guidance)

I don't know anyone who hasn't, at some point in their life, wished that someone would just come along and tell them what to do - give them clear guidance on what steps to take next, which choice to make or what might be a possible outcome of an opportunity that has presented itself to them.  I've certainly felt like that...  many times actually
KarenTurpinAm I heading in the right direction?… (I want guidance)
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Soul Alignment through the Hero’s Journey

Have you found your soul purpose yet? Many of my clients tell me that they know their soul purpose, yet they can’t find a way to make it happen, for them to live it on a daily basis. It’s a common fear amongst many of us when we begin to wake up, that we will be asked by “Spirit” to do something so powerful in this world, that it will require us to leave behind everything we have — our friends, family, the lifestyle and creature comforts that we love…
KarenTurpinSoul Alignment through the Hero’s Journey
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Why Are We Afraid To Be Who We Truly Are?

Most of us have had less than a perfect childhood.  We all do the best we can with that, but sometimes it comes back to haunt us.   And when it does, we rarely see it for what it really is – an old wound that still needs to be healed. When we have hurt and pain, when we are not able to achieve what it is that we really want in life, we tend to make up a story about the reason why, but our story is usually BS.  It’s our alibi for why we haven’t done what we came here to do.  But we can only appease our ego for so long...
KarenTurpinWhy Are We Afraid To Be Who We Truly Are?
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A Message From My Soul

Have you ever been at a place in your life when things felt so bad that you knew, with every fibre of your being that you could not go on living like that… that something had to change, and it had to change quickly… because you simply could see no way through and you could see no positive future? Well I’ve felt like that. On a number of occasions actually…
KarenTurpinA Message From My Soul
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Creations of Your Own Mind

And just like that it seems, the year is almost over.  What did you achieve this year?  Did you tick off all of your goals or do you find that you are pretty much in the same place that you were this time last year? This year has been a year of big energetic change for many people.  Some of us have made huge strides forwards on many levels and of course, others haven’t.  For some, nothing has changed even though they desperately wanted it to and they feel frustrated that things don’t look any better and that they don’t feel better either.
KarenTurpinCreations of Your Own Mind
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Do You Remember Who You Really Are

Have you ever had a sudden flash of remembering… perhaps in a meditation, a dream or moment of absolute knowing… that you are so much more? Have you ever wondered what’s really inside of you…? What you really know, deep inside…? What you have really experienced in other lifetimes, in other galaxies? And, what you are truly capable of?
KarenTurpinDo You Remember Who You Really Are
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Why A Pivot Might Be Exactly What You Need To Do

I’ve always believed that our work should grow and evolve, just as we do – after all, nothing in nature ever stays the same so why would we…? But even if we accept that our work will change over time, it’s almost impossible to see what it will actually look like when we haven’t got there yet.   How could we know what we will feel like at some point in the future…? and how could we know what gifts will unfold from within us, to be expressed in that exact space, time or dimension.
KarenTurpinWhy A Pivot Might Be Exactly What You Need To Do
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Owning Who You Are

You’d probably be surprised at how many emails and nasty comments I have had over the years, from so called “spiritual people” abusing me for charging for my services. When I’ve written articles (for free) for some well-known online magazines and put my website details at the bottom so that people can find me, I’ve been abused and called money grabbing.  Or accused of preying on people who need help.
KarenTurpinOwning Who You Are
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