December 2, 2018 KarenTurpin

Are you one of those people who makes New Years Resolutions just to find that by the end of the first week in January you have already broken almost all of them?
Would you like this coming year (2019) to be different?

November 29, 2018 KarenTurpin

Why change can be so difficult – 3 things that keep us stuck For some of us change is really difficult. We want to change, we know we should, yet we either deliberately or consciously resist, we don’t know why we can’t or we run around trying everything that’s out there without getting any results…

May 9, 2018 KarenTurpin

Victory in Europe Day, generally known VE Day or simply V Day, is the public holiday celebrated on 8 May each year since 1945 to mark the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces. The formal surrender of the German forces occupying the Channel…

May 8, 2018 KarenTurpin

A lovely lady came to me recently for hypnosis as she had been feeling really anxious, worried and unsettled about her life. Her marriage had gone through some challenging times recently and she had not been able to feel settled since. She is also the mother of three young children and has no family nearby to help her.

April 20, 2018 KarenTurpin

It only took me two weeks in my new career as a hypnotherapist, to realise that I couldn’t leave behind 20 years of experience as an energy healer, psychic and medium, quite so easily.

February 23, 2018 KarenTurpin

We’ve all experienced what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed at one time or another.

For most of us that feeling passes when things settle down a bit and we have time to ourselves to take a breath and let go.

January 14, 2018 KarenTurpin

In a therapy session Forgiveness can be an interesting point.

– Some people really WANT to forgive their hurter and others don’t…
– Some feel OBLIGED to forgive… we have all heard so many times that we SHOULD forgive that..

December 21, 2017 KarenTurpin

Could you imagine how it would feel if you were a baby in the womb and you heard your mother say: “Well THIS isn’t quite what I expected… I’ll just have to put up with it now… I’ll just have to get on with it and deal with it”.

December 12, 2017 KarenTurpin

A lovely lady came to me looking for answers to her ongoing physical problems – the intention being to ask her sub-conscious mind to show us the root cause of the problem – but the session opened up into oh so much more…

December 8, 2017 KarenTurpin

Working with starseeds, indigos, empaths and other types of psychic people is just THE BEST because they can so easily access their subconscious mind to retrieve the information that they need in order to heal their past – whether this lifetime or another. With these highly attuned people