Why change can be so difficult.

Are you ready to make some changes?
We all hold a pattern of beliefs by which we run our lives.  Some are positive beliefs and others are quite negative or even destructive.
Often we are completely unconscious of the beliefs that we hold but they govern our lives nonetheless. 

Why change can be so difficult.

For some of us change is really difficult. We want to change, we know we should, yet we either deliberately or consciously resist, we don’t know why we can’t or we run around trying everything that’s out there without getting any results – and that’s really frustrating right?! … Read more


Will 2019 be your year to shine?

Are you one of those people who makes New Years Resolutions just to find that by the end of the first week in January you have already broken almost all of them?
Would you like this coming year (2019) to be different? … Read more


It's your time now – How to make this year great!

Will this New Year mean a New You?  Take to heart what I write about today and you’ll be in a great position to begin to make the changes you’ve always wanted to. Read more


Client Session – LJ

A lovely lady came to me looking for answers to her ongoing physical problems – the intention being to ask her sub-conscious mind to show us the root cause of the problem – but the session opened up into … Read more


The Best Gift

I am bursting with JOY and had to share what an extraordinary session I did today with a gorgeous awakened beautiful soul…

Working with starseeds, indigos, empaths and other types of psychic people is just THE BEST …
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Client Session – SF

Could you imagine how it would feel if you were a baby in the womb and you heard your mother say: “Well THIS isn’t quite what I expected… I’ll just have to put up with it now… I’ll just have to get on with it and deal with it”…Read more

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