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Beyond the False Ascension Matrix – (Part 2)

This last week of October 2020 has been an intense week. There was a full moon on Halloween when the veils are very thin, so the energy always tends to be volatile then.

Plus, we have an upcoming US Presidential Election happening around the same time and there is a feeling of tension in the collective field.

It’s been interesting to see so many of the Hollywood elites come out to support their favourite political leader.  Many of the New Age teachers and leaders have done the same and I find this particularly interesting, well to be honest, I find it very disturbing.

On the one hand they preach to “be in this world but not of it” and on the other hand they are getting down and dirty with politics.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this article  “The Law of Harmonic Resonance dictates that where we place our attention is what we will align to”.  We know that our energy is entrained through our environment and surroundings and it’s said that we become like the people we spend time with.  So, we can only presume then, that these spiritual leaders are aligned to the energies and behaviours of the people they spend time with and stand to represent.  That’s very disturbing given some of the things we hear in alternative news.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about…

Anyone with any personal integrity (as one would expect these leaders to have) would distance themselves from people whose behaviour choices didn’t match their values, so we must presume then, that it’s a match!  Yet we see a blatant mismatch between the message their preach and their actions.

Time and again we see Hollywood stars linked to sexual abuse, child sex trafficking, rape and organ harvesting and in amongst all of that, they are always friends with spiritual teachers and leaders who OWN their own networks that promote these teachers far and wide.

“Make HAY while the sun shines” is an expression I remember from childhood and make hay they certainly do as they have huge followings that hang on their every word – never questioning their motives or looking for evidence of personal values such as truth, integrity, honesty and compassion.  They preach it, but is it there in action?  If they were genuine, would they not distance themselves from “friends” who are not also living those values?

A spiritual leader who “implores” her followers to vote for a particular political party, is no longer neutral.  She is using her position to make a stand for and against what she has aligned herself to and knowing that her audience holds her in a position of authority, she knows that they will be influenced by what she says.  Is that not an abuse of power?

Another “young thought leader for the 21st century” is also using her position of authority in a similar way.  Failing to see that she is in lower mind ego when she attacks the other political party in the way that she is doing, therefore she is no longer in the neutrality that she preaches and her “non-judgement” has gone out of the window!

I get it.  We’re all human, and this is just one example of how so many in New Age circles abuse their positions for personal interest and gain.

Ascension communities are different though, because their attention is focused on the skies above.  Portals and gateways that open and close bringing activation coding through, to makes us a better more evolved person (apparently).

Do we need to be in ceremony to receive the codes? or do we get them just by virtue of the fact that we are on planet at this time?  Or is it a case of “where we place our attention” that dictates whether we can receive these codes or not and do we have to be of a certain level before we can get them?

It’s all so vague, is it not?

In these communities, we have various leaders who can’t be in certain grid locations upon the planet; who believe that dark entities won’t allow them to visit certain countries; who declare that most all men (other than her own somewhat downtrodden spouse) are dominant patriarchal and therefore not welcome in her community; and one who needs to control others to prevent certain colours from being used in the rooms in which they teach. Yes colours!  Does this behaviour sound very empowered or evolved to you?

From my perspective, it seems to clash with many of the principles of empowerment and sovereignty that they teach.

A psychologist would have a field day with their behaviour patterns especially when clouds, tea leaves, grains of wood and milk bubbles in coffee cups all take on different meanings than the ones commonly accepted.  This is called Apophenia in psychology but we can all find meanings in things if we really want to – the brain will always search for a way to validate itself.

Everything only ever has the meaning that we choose to give it” says one of my mentors – therefore we can choose to fear certain things, we can choose to be neutral about them, or we can choose to see things as a positive sign – like serendipity or synchronicity.   We can choose to feel good about whatever we want to feel good about if there’s enough motive to do so and being accepted as part of a community is often enough, as is the need to be seen as someone who “knows”.

New Age and Ascension Communities should be all about empowerment surely?  However, in reality there is often not much to be found there.

If we’re searching for true empowerment, we’ll probably choose to move beyond this False Ascension Matrix with all its false light teachings, manipulations and control agendas, and we’ll have to find our own way to empowerment.

Where can we find that?  Well, it’s all within us…

Now I know you’ve probably heard that before and it didn’t answer your question, but in my experience I’ve found that nobody can answer your question, other than you.

When I chose to leave the False Ascension Matrix, I first got caught up in the Starseed Trap, but when I got beyond that, is when I first began to feel a sense of my own empowerment.

I stopped looking for someone to give me the answers and I eventually started to find my own from within.

At about that time I came across a few people who asked me questions that prompted me to go even deeper, and it’s here that I began to find my truth and my own unlimited potential.

I put together all of my knowledge of energy and spirituality and added to it the work of the mind.  Both lower ego mind and higher mind.  Because the mind is the part often forgotten about in spiritual circles.

We try so hard to be constantly in our heart, that we don’t see the influence that our mind has upon us.

We try to feel our way through life.  But feelings don’t create goals.  And then we wonder why we’re not getting what we really want in life.  Goals feel too mental for us, so we shy away from them and we think its 3D.

And we don’t understand that every habit of thought creates a habit of action, and every habit of action creates a way of being and every way of being creates our destiny (or outcome) – and that’s actually why we don’t get what we want in life.

And we don’t understand that the Law of Attraction actually works but it both attracts and repels, depending upon the subconscious beliefs that we hold in our mind. But we don’t really know what we’re holding in our mind because our thoughts and beliefs are unconscious until we start to explore them.

And this is why subconscious mindset work is so important.

To know and understand the contents of your own heart is one thing, but to know and understand the contents of your mind is where your power is.

Perhaps nobody ever told you that your subconscious mind, is your soul, is your higher mind and it’s connected to Infinite Intelligence.  But at the same time, it’s intricately linked with the reptilian mind and you need to understand that too and you can’t ignore it because that’s one of your limitations.

Without this awareness your heart can’t override your mind for very long. So, at some point you’ll hit the glass ceiling and once again you’ll feel stuck.

When I added brain science, through hypnotherapy and psychology to my toolbox of healing techniques, my whole world changed.

So did the types of clients I attracted – those who were really searching for transformation and empowerment.

And so, did my business – because these people are ready to invest in themselves, to love themselves and to stop being stuck and blocked and a victim in their own lives.

My clients have experienced the limitations of the New Age and Ascension teachings and they’re searching for more.  They are ready to move beyond being limited and step into all possibilities and infinite potential just as God/Universe intended for us to be.

Life feels abundant now.  I’m living my purpose of helping others to find their purpose, and collectively we help others, as ultimately we are all here in service.

If this speaks to you and you’d like to find out how we can work together, send me an email to or read more on my website:

Are you stuck in the False Ascension Matrix? What should you look out for?

People always ask me this…   am I stuck?  am I following false teachings?

It’s important to remember that everyone and everything has a purpose for being here.  Had I not been “stuck” there myself for a time, I would not know what I know now. So, there was a purpose to that experience.

I’ve been in some horrendously dark places at the hands of so called spiritual teachers, but I got out all on my own, and if I had never had that experience I wouldn’t now have some of the skills that I have, because I’ve learned a thing or two.

Are these teachings inherently wrong? No – and Yes.

What is wrong is that we give our power away to others because we think they know more than we do.

We override our own inner knowing and try to find someone to give us all the answers.  Sometimes we want a short cut or instant enlightenment.

We ignore our intuition when it says that something’s not right and we should get out.

We fail to see the teacher’s humanness and we don’t see that their ego is not always in check.  We put them on a pedestal.  Some get hungry for more power and we don’t see their manipulation for us to give even more of ourselves to them – not dissimilar to the narcissistic and abusive relationships that people find so hard to leave.

We look for external validation that we are enough.

We ask guides, angels and aliens to come and help us – when in truth, the only one that can save us is ourselves.

We forget to run everything our teacher/leader says through our own internal truth filter.  Because what is truth for them, may not be truth for us and that’s ok.  Any teacher worthy of respect will allow, in fact encourage, their student to explore and find their own truth because that’s part of their journey experience.

That (if we’re not being vigilant) our mind only requires a certain % of truth before it surrenders and accepts all, and that’s where the manipulation comes in.  It slips under our radar if we’re not paying attention.

We forget to question everything.

We forget to trust ourselves.

We forget to love ourselves.

We forget that we are worthy, and we are enough – and that’s not so commonly taught within the False Ascension Matrix – and that alone, should be a sign that it’s time to get out!

So if this resonates for you and you’d like to know more about how to free and empower yourself come and join my Community.

You can also get my free Healing the Past Meditation – you might be surprised to see what is ready to be released.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.  Stay in touch.

From my heart to yours,