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Beyond The False Ascension Matrix (Part 1)

In 2016 I wrote an article called The False Ascension Matrix.  It was written from an insight I’d received, and it’s proven to be shockingly accurate.

In the article I wrote:

There are several artificial timelines available to us that we may choose to participate with, and one example is “The Armageddon Timeline”. This one includes terrorist threats, disease epidemics, food shortages, global warming, financial collapse and so on — anything that is designed to put us into fear, as this is the low frequency the negative agenda feeds off. We can see this all around us in this chaotic time on the planet. Unfortunately, the Armageddon timeline appears to be one that our Government (in fact, most Governments on planet earth) are trying to promote”.

We are living through that timeline right now, are we not?

Thankfully, not all of us are exactly on it even though we are all living on the same planet.  Let me explain…

Within what “appears to be” the same time/space, multiple timelines (or dimensions) exist.   Our own choices, perceptions and vibrational alignment dictates the reality that we each experience at any given moment based upon which timeline/dimension we have aligned ourselves to.  We all have these different timelines/dimensions available to us and we can move into them.  We are not stuck anywhere unless we choose to be through our own limiting beliefs and we always have the opportunity to change direction or evolve into a better life experience.

These timeline opportunities exist at a collective level too.  An analogy for that might be, the “lifestyle, fashions and behaviours” of the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

At a collective level many people chose to participate with that, but others didn’t.  Of those who didn’t, they could still see the effects all around them of those who did choose that but for the most part it didn’t affect them much.  In a sense, they were in that world but not of it.  It wasn’t their reality even though they were living through the same time period, in the same city or country.  If some chose a sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle it was existing in that time and space as a timeline choice, but many were not a part of it because they were choosing to have a different timeline experience.

Fear is a choice.  When we live in fear, which is quite a low vibrational state to be in, we will experience everything that can exist within that vibration or bandwidth.  We will experience it personally and we’ll see it all around us as our external world is a reflection of our internal world.  Undoubtably the logical mind will struggle to accept that statement.

Love, abundance, joy, creativity… these are all choices too, and when we hold these vibrations within our body and consciousness then we will experience everything that exists within those bandwidths.  Obviously these are a higher vibration – of positivity, light and expansiveness – and the experience of BEing at that level of vibration will be more of an enjoyable one.

It’s so easy for us to say that we are aligned to love and abundance, yet when we examine our thoughts, habits of action and behaviours, we will see that they may actually be more aligned to those of fear, limitation and scarcity.

When everything around us (in the 3D world) is sending fear vibrations (e.g. TV media, social media, politics, mask wearing and social distancing for example), we must guard against dropping back into its density, and it can be tricky to hold our vibration higher – where we’d really like it to be.

The Law of Harmonic Resonance dictates that where we place our attention is what we will align to.  Therefore, the more we focus upon these external circumstances in the world at large, the more we will come into alignment with it.

Harmonic resonance is a cohesive force that holds all individuated matter together. Each ‘thing’ has a resting vibratory rate or resonant frequency. And, things that interact with each other tend to harmonize (or go into a state of entrainment) over a period of time.

If we are able to consistently “hold our light” when we find ourselves in a negative/fear-based environment, then it can be said that we are not on that same timeline or dimension because what we feel is what aligns us to a certain degree.

What can happen though is that we get into a type of “straddling two timelines” behaviour.

We “think” we are not affected by the negativity.  But it can have an accumulative effect upon us and if we’re not paying attention it will pull us down into fear over time without us realising it.  This is particularly true if we don’t realise how our body responds to lower vibrations or if we don’t know what the fight/flight response feels like in our own body.  Many of us have lived in that state so long, that it feels like our normal when in fact it is anything but normal.

My recommendation at this time is to be extremely vigilant with where we place our attention.

We could limit the amount of time spent listening and researching this, what I call an “Armageddon Timeline”, and instead we could focus upon subjects that will bring growth and expansion of our consciousness.

Many years ago, I saw a vision of this planet energetically splitting apart.  Symbolically dividing between 3D and 5D with each having its own experience, and that time is here now.

There is so much movement within planetary grids that it looks like we are walking upon moving steppingstones across an expanse of space and time.

If we can navigate all the moving pieces, we will find ourselves safely through to the other side of this ascension process.

Everything has a natural ebb and flow, natural cycles of expansion and contraction, so we’ll move away from this current time/space, but some people will and already have, fallen and missed the opportunity to ascend into a higher-level experience.  They’ll maybe do it at some later date, because ascension is a choice, but some have amounted so much negative karma – or movement away from the light – that it will be a long road back for them.  The opportunity for ascension out of 3D will come around again but it may be a long time coming.

What’s in store for those of us who are able to remove ourselves from the Armageddon that is playing out all around us?  Well, I see abundance, for want of a better word, and it’s beginning to look quite beautiful.

At the beginning of this year (2020) I started to become aware of a very different energy timeline hovering nearby.  I had known it was there years ago, but honestly, I couldn’t see it in the physical level until this year .  As we are moving through this time of turbulence, at the same time this new timeline is moving closer and solidifying more and more. This new timeline is available for us to step unto and people are making their move towards it already…

I see that some think they have accessed it – but they’ve not realised that they are still running the negative programming of the False Ascension Matrix (and some of its associated bliss states and false light teachings).  They’re experiencing a type of spiritual delusion, but it’s very evident, to others as to where they’re at, through their behaviour choices and styles of living.

I have seen other people step on to this new abundance timeline firmly and solidly, because they’re perfectly aligned to it.

I would say in a sense this is a 5D timeline but it’s much more than that… I am talking here of the Unlimited Potential of the Quantum Field.  Those freeing themselves from the dross energy that is all around us are LITERALLY and proverbially living In this World, but not of it.

Shifting on to a new timeline is not a 5-minute exercise.  It can’t be acquired through a single meditation or activation process (despite claims that it can) but it can be achieved through entrainment, consistently doing the inner work required to release density from the body (by releasing the past) and through being committed to the process of transformation that allows for a complete shift of consciousness and vibrational alignment.  This internal shift is then reflected in the external environment.

This process is a beautiful thing to experience and witness, but it takes so much more than the new age industry has encouraged us to believe.  Therein lies the trap of the False Ascension Matrix and many are still stuck there looking for the quick ways to ascend through a bio hack.  Please try to see the bigger picture!  It takes more than that to evolve.

Spiritual arrogance is still alive and well within the spiritual industry and in this time of accelerated awakening, the cracks in the veneer are gaping open so wide that what was being obscured and hidden beneath, now can no longer hide.

Their behaviour tells all, and many well-known gurus, leaders, teachers, channellers and astrologers are being revealed for their bad behaviour now and there are many more to follow too.  People are awake now – they’re breaking the dream spell – they can see it and they’re calling it out.  One cannot override these misdemeanours just because they have a large following on FB or IG or because they have been endorsed by big names on TV – they are answerable to Spirit and energetic laws that are simply fact.

People are being held accountable in this time of the Big Reveal and we are seeing this in all areas of life as well as within the spiritual industry.

Sexual misconduct and withholding another’s right to live freely through the misuse of one’s power are the physical behaviours associated with the cleansing of the lower three energy centres of the body.  These must be purified in order for one to evolve.

No person will escape their own “judgement day”.

These high-profile cases involving human trafficking, pedophilia and the recovery of children also carry with it a heavy energy and it is literally being purged from deep within the planetary field.  The sensitive ones amongst us can feel this even if we don’t know where its coming from or what it’s attached to – but its uncomfortable and makes us feel uneasy. What is being uncovered is both ancient and satanic. They’ve tried to hide it for the longest time, but as more light enters the planet now, the dark cannot hide any longer.

You want to look away, but you can’t. Yet if you linger in the darkness too long, you risk becoming transmogrified – forever changed by what you see.  It’s painful to our Krystic heart.

It’s not that the planet is getting darker – it’s that the light is  brighter and revealing all that was hidden.  It can be shocking when you first discover this.  Once again, I see this is something that was withheld in those new age teachings that focused only on love and light.

Do we want to dwell on the darkness? No certainly not, but we need to understand that it exists.

For some it may be their purpose in life – to uncover and heal this level of darkness.  If this is their path, I commend them for taking action.  It doesn’t make them dark that they are dealing with it on a day to day basis… if it’s their purpose they will be energetically equipped (and coded) to get this job done.  But for others, for whom it is not our purpose, it will pull us down and make us less available to our own reason for being here.

This is all part of our lessons of awakening – learning to go within for the inner guidance that leads us on to the right path.

Without doubt the stakes are high right now.  The invitation to step on to a new timeline of ascension is available to all of us, if we could only pull ourselves out the past and focus our attention on to what we are really here to do.

A lighter, brighter, happier and more abundant future is just around the corner if we choose to focus on it and do the work to align to it, to the exclusion of all else.

Look out for Part 2 of this article in which I’ll offer some things to look out for from within the False Ascension Matrix (in case you’re worried that you’re there yourself) and some steps to take to walk yourself out of it and on to a whole new timeline of abundance.

Until next time… continue to walk in the light always,

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